The development of vaults is going well at the moment. We are working on the backyard side. For example, we are adjusting the strategy values.

The following is the completed image.

Adjustment of the magnification

On short notice, we will be changing the Shares multiplier as follows.

Currently, our goal is to get the Boardroom up and running to a certain extent. Please understand that this is not a permanent measure.


Change Time: As soon as it is ready.

We will continue to monitor the PDO price.

The Pollo…

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1. Basic Structure of PDO Economy

Real demand for PDO creates demand for PDO in the exchange market. In order to recover the PDO value, inviting new projects using PDO is needed.

The Pollo ecosystem is as described in Figure 1. PoFi is the ticket to ride on the DAO to supply ideas for the PDO economy, where PDO is circulated as the method of payment. While the PDO economy keeps on going well, PDO value is sustained around $1.00, as expected, and the dividend on sPDO is distributed. …

🐣The Price of PDO

Despite two open market interventions, the TWAP of PDO did not exceed $1. We understand the disappointment drifting from the Pollo family about the lack of boardroom resumption.

Once again, we must get the PDO back up to $1 and reopen the boardroom. We will do what we can now to make that happen.

Please read the original report:

In this article, we will tell you about it from a different angle.

🐣First, about PoFi

PoFi is responsible for the following

Since none of them have been implemented yet, how much sense does it make to have PoFi now? I understand the skepticism.

However, we will not fail in our promise to implement these things. Thank you all for your patience.

🐣About PDO

What we need now…

Dear Community Members:

By our operation, PDO once recovered $1.00 yesterday, but it returned back to $0.96 after a while. We plan to intervene into the PDO market on the second round to recover its value. The operation is implemented at a certain point after 10:00 am (UTC+0).

Thank you very much for your understanding,

Dear Community Members:

Recent PDO value keeps around $0.65. We plan to intervene into the PDO market to recover and sustain one-dollar value for PDO. The operation is implemented at a certain point after 4:00 pm (UTC+0).

Thank you very much for your understanding,

2:30 pm, April 29, 2021 (UTC+0) Pollo Finance Board Members

First, we would like to offer our sincere apologies for the issues we are currently experiencing with the PDO Bonds (bPDO). This message is to update you on:

I. what has happened;
II. what we are doing to fix the issues at hand as well as to compensate those affected (incl. An ETA), and;
III. what we are doing to prevent similar issues in the future.

We also recognize that our communication has been suboptimal and left the Pollo Family in uncertainty. Hence, we are engaging an established marketing and communication agency to support us going forward.

I. What has happened?

Discount on bonds

We can distinguish…

PDO has dropped below $1 for the first time

Some of you may be thinking, ‘Pollo Basic Income has been around for less than a month.’ As an algorithmic stablecoin, PDO is expected to dip below $1 at certain times. And the sooner it does, the sooner it will return to the $1 level.

We have written a brief explanation of the mechanics involved, for those of you who have never experienced an algorithmic stablecoin going below $1 and a subsequent recovery.

A brief recap

If the TWAP of PDO remains below $1.00, no PDO will be distributed in the Boardroom even if…

Here is a list of requests from the Pollo team to the community.. The way we are going to share and carry out these tasks together will be a true DAO-eggs.

The Pollo team will be disbanded sooner or later. As I write this, I will eventually change my name to Waddle dee and become just another participant in the DAO. Just like you.

It is imperative that we foster a DAO-like atmosphere before that day. We sincerely ask for the cooperation of our Pollo family.

In the meantime, we have prepared a Google form for Pollo family members to…

Indaswap voting was majority in favor, and the partnership was decided. Thank you for your vote. We will now proceed with the necessary procedures.

See here for the AMA held on April 17.

Some people have asked why we are doing a re-voting when the last Indaswap voting was rejected.

Sorry for the delay, but We’d like to explain the history of Indaswap re-voting.

The previous vote was indeed a rejection. However, we did not take the previous decision lightly.

We were aware of the known issue of having to take PoFi out of the pool in order to…


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