ann03. distribution of Pollo NFTs / Add new farm pool / time lock / announcement of the 31st

Hello Pollo family.

Finally, Pollo Basic Income will be launched with a big announcement on March 31st.

The release article on the 31st is going to be the longest ever, and I can’t extend the article any further. So while I’m at it, I’d like to look back at the first month of Pollo’s launch.

As you can see in the roadmap, Pollo’s team was formed in January.

We carefully searched for an equilibrium point between the existing order and innovation. If we are too caught up in the existing yield farming, we will not be able to differentiate ourselves, and if we innovate too much, our users will not be able to follow us.

One answer was to limit the total supply of PoFi while forking Pancakeswap.

The trouble with Pofi(v1) on the first day discouraged many of us, and I remember well when PoFi(v2) dropped below $2. Despite such failures, we are now receiving enthusiastic support from the community.

To be honest, I didn’t expect such a great turnout, and I’m happy to say that the Pollo Team is bracing ourselves even more. Thank you very much.

As for the time lock, the Pollo Team had originally planned the schedule based on the assumption that we would be able to get everyone’s understanding if we implemented it in April.

However, many people at Telegram explained to us the necessity of the time lock (why it was needed even if there were no malicious people on our team), and as a result, the team’s opinion changed.

In terms of how it would be viewed from the outside, I think the users were 100% correct.

I think it’s safe to say that the seeds of DAO are beginning to sprout. The time lock will run during March 29th, as I told you earlier. Thank you for pushing us back.

I sent you a commemorative NFT

In order to remember how we felt at the time of the Pofi(v1) release on March 16 and the PoFi(v2) Pre-sale on March 17, and to apologize and thank the participants of both, Pollo has created a commemorative NFT and distributed it to the target audience.


Eligibility: Wallets that had Pofi(v1) on March 16 and have a history of receiving PoFi(v2) sent directly from the operation.
token name: PolloNFT_Sorry
symbol: PNS



Eligibility: All wallets that have participated in the PoFi Pre-sale (
Token name: PolloNFT_Presale
symbol: PNP


How to check NFT?:
Currently, there is no way to check the NFT images circulating on the BSC.
After Pollo Basic Income opens, we plan to release a page for checking your NFT holdings.

You can keep it as a memento, and since it is an NFT, there are no restrictions on trading or selling it. We don’t know if this NFT will be worth anything or not, but we put our heart and soul into making it. If you are happy with it, we’ re more than happy.

New Farm pool added

We will add some of the projects we support to the Farm pool.


The addition of the pool will be completed by 16:00pm (UTC+0) on March 29.

Implement time lock.

After the Farm pool implementation, run the time lock.

Regarding the announcement on 31

The second protocol, Pollo Basic Income, is Pollo’s fundamental core product.

Although the situation does not look good with many algorithmic stable coins dropping below $1, we are not pessimistic at all.

Indeed, bDollar was issuing over 700,000 new BDOs per epoch. There has been a lot of attention on how they are going to recover from the excessive number of BDOs issued.

Pollo’s position on this will be released at a later date, although it will be a long article.

In any case, Pollo’s main focus is finally shifting from yield farming to Pollo Basic Income. PoFi will function as an important bridge, and in a sense, this announcement will be the culmination of PoFi. This may sound like a bullish statement, but it’s an announcement full of confidence.

Fasten your seatbelts for an exciting April. The Pollo Team and the family will continue to interact with each other and aim high.

Have you joined the whitelist yet?

As of March 29th, the whitelist is not yet closed and no snapshot has been created yet.

However, as many people feel, there will not be much time left.

Q. Will multiple accounts be allowed?

There is no restriction on multiple accounts, as long as they pass the whitelist. In other words, if you have over 1000 PoFi in your first wallet, you can start saving 250 PoFi in your second wallet.

Whitelist Details

However, if the moment of the move coincides with the snapshot, we cannot guarantee that the whitelist will pass. Please move as soon as possible.

If your PoFi count does not meet 250, please consider aiming for Bronze holder, if you are Bronze, please aim for Silver, and if you are Silver, please aim for Gold.

We will see you next on the 31st. We can’ t wait for that day.