Development Status of Pollo Vaults

The development of vaults is going well at the moment. We are working on the backyard side. For example, we are adjusting the strategy values.

The following is the completed image.

Adjustment of the magnification

On short notice, we will be changing the Shares multiplier as follows.

Currently, our goal is to get the Boardroom up and running to a certain extent. Please understand that this is not a permanent measure.


  • Earn sPDO by PDO-BUSD LP 160x -> 200x
  • Earn sPDO by PDO 5x (new)

Change Time: As soon as it is ready.

We will continue to monitor the PDO price.

The Pollo team is still working hard to build Pollo Vaults and Pollo DAO.
This is just a report, but we will make an announcement as soon as we make progress.

Partnering with Indaswap

Indaswap had a delayed launch, but is doing well now. PoFi and PDO will be available for purchase with credit cards. Indaswap has started a Pollo promotion. Check it out.