Pollo News Headlines March Edition

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Pollo has a lot of announcements coming up to make the miracle of 3 months a reality. This section will be open for announcements scheduled after March 24.

If you want to see the announcements before March 21, click here.
>🐔Important Announcement
>🐣We’re campaigning for a miracle!

The order and content of announcements are subject to change at any time.

March 24 / ann01. Pollo Basic Income development progress report

This is a progress report on Pollo Basic Income, information about the release date, and information about the whitelist. This is a must read for you.


March 27 / ann02. Report on Wallets

Clarification on the handling of wallets and PoFi held by the operation.


March 29 / ann03. distribution of Pollo NFTs / Add new farm pool / time lock / announcement of the 31st

As a thank you for participating in the PoFi Pre-sale, and as an apology for the botched sale of the first Pofi, the Pollo Team has made a small gift.
Farm pool will be added.
We also touched on the whitelist, time lock, and enthusiasm for the 31st.


March 31 / ann04. Big announcement for PoFi holders


👉Please take a look as soon as possible when it is released.
We have always said that the number of PoFi is important, and we will not fail in that promise. What we value the most are those who have taken the risk and continue to collect PoFi. We respect you deeply and will never betray you as we have done in the past. Stay tuned.