Pollo Special Promotion in April !

Welcome to Pollo.

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What is Pollo?

Pollo is a DeFi project that just started on March 16th. The following three protocols will be released sequentially to bring wealth and stability to all participants.

  • Protocol 2 — Pollo Basic Income (Algorithmic Stablecoin) Open April 3rd
  • Protocol 3 — Pollo Vaults (Auto Farming) Open in May

What is the significance of participating in Pollo?

We mentioned earlier that the purpose of Pollo is to “contribute to society.” However in order to seriously achieve this goal, it is essential that you, the participants, have a stable life. This is because only those who are not drowning, can help those who are.

Early Access User Acquisition Promotion!

Anybody who deposits 10 $PoFi or more, into the pool, will share a BNB prize.

Participation Procedure:

1. Purchase $PoFi from Polloswap https://exchange.pollo.finance/#/

Are you new to depositing tokens in a Pollo Pool?

If you want to know more about the process, please see the second half of the article. It is illustrated and explained in detail.

Retweet Incentive Program!

In addition to the Early Access User Acquisition Promotion, we have also prepared a special incentive program.

Tips: How do I get elected?

Post, comment, quote and retweet as many times as you like until the deadline of May 5th. We’ll choose a winner based on your enthusiasm!

How to invest in Pollo?

Open https://exchange.pollo.finance/#/swap

What will I use my accumulated sPDO for?

Deposit your sPDO on a page called Boardroom on the Pollo Basic Income website to continue earning PDO (see Algorithmic Stablecoin Mechanism for more details)


Website: https://pollo.finance/pollo_basic_income