Pollo Special Promotion in April !

Welcome to Pollo.

I’m sure you’ve come to this article via BSCnews, BSC daily, or other media.

To celebrate the opening of Pollo Basic Income, we are running a special promotion and giving away a total of 50 BNB.

We hope you will take this opportunity to learn more about Pollo and join our family.

What is Pollo?

Pollo is a DeFi project that just started on March 16th. The following three protocols will be released sequentially to bring wealth and stability to all participants.

  • Protocol 1 — Pollo Swap (Yield Farming)Now open

Pollo’s ultimate goal is creation of a “DAO” and to enable “social contribution.”

In particular, Dr. Saito, a Japanese economist, is supervising the team, and the progress of the project will be documented in an academic paper.

>Dr.Saito’s profile

In addition, we are auditing every phase, to ensure you can participate with confidence. We are currently undergoing a Certik audit.

What is the significance of participating in Pollo?

We mentioned earlier that the purpose of Pollo is to “contribute to society.” However in order to seriously achieve this goal, it is essential that you, the participants, have a stable life. This is because only those who are not drowning, can help those who are.

So what is the actual situation? We are constantly receiving positive feedback from the participants of PolloSwap, which started on March 16th, 2021.

I am sure that Pollo Basic Income, which started this April, will bring you the same or even more joy.

It is difficult to promise growth of an investment, but I think many of you know, the benefits of participating in the early stages of DeFi projects, are great.

For example, Pancakeswap, a BSC DeFi success, saw its token price increase by about 35x from October 2020 to April 2021, and was able to continue harvesting $cake at 100% to 300% APR during that time.

There are a lot of Pollo participants on Telegram. Please check it out for yourself and ask some questions. You will be welcomed by our friendly community.

Early Access User Acquisition Promotion!

Anybody who deposits 10 $PoFi or more, into the pool, will share a BNB prize.

Participation Procedure:

1. Purchase $PoFi from Polloswap https://exchange.pollo.finance/#/

2. Access the Shares pool >https://pollo.finance/shares

3. Deposit your $PoFi in the $PoFi pool

4. Quote retweet the following tweet >https://twitter.com/FinancePollo/status/1378663990302138374

5. Fill out the google form at the end >https://forms.gle/tbwgev8zcaAcsCP27

We will share a total of 10 BNB with everyone who completes the steps and fills out the Google Form.

Deadline: May 5th, 12:00pm(UTC+0)

Are you new to depositing tokens in a Pollo Pool?

If you want to know more about the process, please see the second half of the article. It is illustrated and explained in detail.

Retweet Incentive Program!

In addition to the Early Access User Acquisition Promotion, we have also prepared a special incentive program.

All you must do is support Pollo’s project on social networking sites.

It can be a compliment or a suggestion for improvement.

We will be eternally grateful to those of you who support Pollo Basic Income in a way that makes new people want to join.

It is our pleasure to know, that people who read your supportive comments will be interested in Pollo.

We like quote retweets because they are most visible to the most people.

We will be sending out a lot more information soon. We welcome your supportive comments and retweets.

You are also welcome to support Pollo via blogs, YouTube, etc. Team members will check them out which will definitely boost the whole Pollo family.

As before, please use this Google form to tell us what media you used to support us.


The incentives are as follows:

1st prize (1 winners): 10 BNB
2nd prize (3 winners): 3 BNB
3rd prize (10 winners): 1 BNB
Total: 29 BNB
Total Shared: 10 BNB
Grand Total: 39BNB

Keep on Retweeting!

Tips: How do I get elected?

Post, comment, quote and retweet as many times as you like until the deadline of May 5th. We’ll choose a winner based on your enthusiasm!

The above is the biggest promotion in Pollo’s history, following the March promotion. Don’t miss it.

Huh? The total of the promotions is only 39 BNB?

That’s right. The remaining 11 BNB will be drawn in another way. Make sure you follow Pollo, to find out how. Enjoy.

How to invest in Pollo?

Open https://exchange.pollo.finance/#/swap

Select Connect and connect your wallet

Select BNB or BUSD on the top and PoFi on the bottom

Press Swap button to get PoFi

Then open https://pollo.finance/shares

Select the PoFi pool and press “Approve PoFi”.

Press the “+” button to deposit the PoFi.

You have now deposited your PoFi in the pool!

note: What is PoFi?
It is the base currency for all of Pollo.
There are many benefits to owning PoFi, including the right to semi-permanently receive Fee revenue generated by Pollo.
Furthermore, there is only a maximum supply of 500,000; PoFi will finish its supply of 500,000 around April 18 and will only be available in the market.

What will I use my accumulated sPDO for?

Deposit your sPDO on a page called Boardroom on the Pollo Basic Income website to continue earning PDO (see Algorithmic Stablecoin Mechanism for more details)

>Boardroom URL soon

Boardroom will open on April 5 at 12:00pm (UTC+0)


Website: https://pollo.finance/pollo_basic_income

Official website: https://official.pollo.finance/
-White Paper: https://official.pollo.finance/pdf/whitepaper_v1.0.pdf
-RoadMap: https://official.pollo.finance/pdf/roadmap_202103.pdf

GitHub: https://github.com/pollofinance

Twitter: https://twitter.com/FinancePollo

Telegram: https://t.me/pollofi

Telegram ANN: https://t.me/pollo_ann

Medium: https://medium.com/@pollofinancegroup