Pollo Team’s support for the phase-out of Nyanswop

3 min readMar 25, 2021

Some of the Pollo Team members were watching and following nya’s activities behind the scenes. However, nya chose to end the service slowly. I can imagine that it must have been a difficult decision.

(For more information, please see the medium of nyanswop >https://nyanswop.medium.com/our-full-story-end-of-support-67154d7d54af)

In addition, many people who participated in Nyacash, an algorithmic Stablecoin that was attracting attention at the time, suffered losses.

Although DeFi’s industry is based on the principle of DYOR, as a project promoting the same system of algorithmic stablecoins, we are wondering if there is anything we can do.

So, in a small way, we will be distributing 5 PDO to those who participated in Nyacash at the time, which will be raised from the cost of marketing activities.

  • Eligibility: Wallet addresses (up to 814 addresses) that have deposited or withdrawn nyas to the nyacash Board room between February 16, 0:00am (UTC+0) and February 17, 23:59pm (UTC+0)
  • Distribution date: Scheduled after the opening of the Pollo Basic Income board room.

I can see why some people might say, ‘Shouldn’t the target group be expanded further?

However, please be aware that excessive bailouts can sometimes come back as selling pressure. Please understand.

Since the target audience for this project is a maximum of 814 addresses, the maximum distribution amount is about 4000 PDO. We believe that this amount is within the range that will not have a significant impact on the market.

If you think you are a target, please enter your wallet address in the following Google form (if you don’t remember which wallet it was, please enter all the wallets you know. We’ll match it up)

Here is the form

Deadline: 3/31 23:59(UTC+0)

Also, if you know someone who falls into this category, please let them know.

The following is a side note

Nyanswop was released on October 15, 2020, which is not so different from Pancakeswap.

There was a time when investors were secretly hoping that nya would become the BSC version of doge coin due to its large number of issues and affordable price.

Even though many things happened, it was a project that showed that we were working harder and sweating harder than anyone else.

When problems were discovered with Nyacash, the management used all the money they had on hand to buy back nyac. As a comrade, I was moved by his attitude that he did it even though he knew it was a drop in the bucket.

If you are familiar with the past six months, you can relate to the feeling of wanting to support them in their trial and error.

Since the time of the ICO bubble around 2017, I’ve seen many projects with arrogant attitudes.

If something is inconvenient, they shut up, mute Telegram, Kick, blame others, blame the environment, blame the market.

In the DeFi industry, the phrase ‘DYOR (Do Your Own Research)’ is used as if it were an exemption. There is no doubt that the users will embark on their research in the spirit of DYOR, but it will be uncomfortable if the people raising the funds shout DYOR.

In the midst of all this, Nyanswop never forgot to take the user’s perspective. Even though we almost failed many times, we never declared the end of the project, and even after we declared the end of the project, we stayed close to our users.

It’s a sad thing that the investors’ precious assets were damaged, but I don’t think there is any doubt about the fact that nya tried to make DeFi better.

Thank you for your hard work, Nyanswop’s attitude has been witnessed by many projects and is certainly in our hearts.