Pollo Upcoming Schedule

June: Launch of Pollo revenue sharing
July: Jackpot
August: Launch of Pollo DAO

Sorry for the delay. We’ ll proceed with the above.

Pollo Basic Income has had a difficult period with the PDO price falling below $1.00 and not being able to recover $1.00 for a long time.

But, Pollo Vaults is alive and well, and you should not forget the fact that you will continue to receive revenue share even if the price of PoFi goes down due to market conditions. Also, Pollo Vaults’ double rewards are the highest in the industry and are unmatched.

The groundwork is being laid for sustained problem solving by the Pollo family. This is not a metaphor; Pollo has unlimited potential. Pollo’s consistent message is that DAO has the potential to solve problems that a small group cannot.

🐣Jackpot is about to begin

A portion of the pooled Fee will be distributed to those who pass the whitelist before Pollo revenue sharing is ready.

The amount released in the Jackpot is 30% of the Fee obtained from the Pollo Basic Income share pool.

As a trial, the remaining 70% of the fee will be used by Pollo DAO to decide how to spend it. Everyone is welcome to join Pollo DAO.

For example, the following proposals can be made.

Whether some of the funds of Fee from the Share pool of Pollo Basic Income should be distributed again to PoFi holders? Do you agree or disagree?

Let’s all share our wisdom.

🐣Current development status

Functional test confirmation complete.

Functional test confirmation complete.