Pollo Vaults will start around 12:00pm (UTC) on June 9.

Listed Pairs

10x PDO-BUSD LP by Pollo BI
10x sPDO-BUSD LP by Pollo BI
05x PoFi-BUSD LP by Pollo BI
05x PoFi-BNB LP by Pollo BI
05x PoFi pool by Pollo BI
03x Dollaremon cCBD-BUSD LP
03x Dollaremon sCBD-BUSD LP
01x CAKE-BNB LP by Pancake
01x BUSD-BNB LP by Pancake
01x USDT-BUSD LP by Pancake
01x OIN-BNB LP by Pancake
01x CAKE pool by Pancake
01x BANANA-BNB LP by Apeswap
01x BANANA pool by Apeswap


Deposit fee: 1.0%
Harvest fee: 1.0%
Withdraw fee: 0%

Double Reward

By depositing your assets with Pollo Vaults, you will receive the following additional rewards

PoFi: 20,000 distributed in 12 months
PDO: 60,000 distributed in 12 months
sPDO: 1,000 distributed in 12 months
PVL: 150,000 distributed in 12 months

Specifications of PVL

Transaction fee for PVL: 30%

33% of the commission is used for Burn
34% of the commission is distributed to PVL holders immediately
33% of the fee is pooled in the operating wallet