Report on Indaswap partnership decision

Indaswap voting was majority in favor, and the partnership was decided. Thank you for your vote. We will now proceed with the necessary procedures.

See here for the AMA held on April 17.

Some people have asked why we are doing a re-voting when the last Indaswap voting was rejected.

Sorry for the delay, but We’d like to explain the history of Indaswap re-voting.

The previous vote was indeed a rejection. However, we did not take the previous decision lightly.

We were aware of the known issue of having to take PoFi out of the pool in order to vote, but the total number of votes was not as large as we had imagined.

As a result, the top two wallets voted no, and the result was decided.

“This is hardly a reflection of the will of the people,” they decided.

It is the fault of the Pollo team that they did not foresee this outcome, although they must admit that it was a “ heavy-handed decision” by Pollo.

About the future

Until such time as we are able to develop a system that is as fair as possible, we will be using the Google form. Thank you for your understanding.

On priorities

However, there are some things that can be done right away and some things that cannot be done right away.

The marketing team is to fulfill the mission of the marketing team, and the development team is to fulfill the mission of the development team.

This means that the marketing team cannot be transferred to the development team.

What we can do right away:

  • Partnerships with other projects (if realized.)
  • Promotion that can be done by one or two staff members
  • What you can do eath other (we will pay the necessary expenses)

What can’t be done right away:

  • UI modification
  • PoFi specification changes
  • Development of Vaults
  • Other changes to the smart contract

By no means do we mean to belittle development.

For example, I think the whitelist V2 that welcomes new users is a strong idea that came from users.

Also, the reduction of fees based on PoFi holdings and an immediate distribution system for Fee like $RADS should be seriously considered.

However, it is extremely difficult to take in opinions immediately when development is involved.

We are currently reviewing our development resources and will report back at a later date.

In the Discord, some people asked for a list of what kind of help they would like from the family, and we will report on this as well.