Reports and Requests

2 min readMay 3, 2021

🐣The Price of PDO

Despite two open market interventions, the TWAP of PDO did not exceed $1. We understand the disappointment drifting from the Pollo family about the lack of boardroom resumption.

Once again, we must get the PDO back up to $1 and reopen the boardroom. We will do what we can now to make that happen.

  1. There will be a more extensive open market intervention on May 3rd after 12:30pm (UTC)
  2. The Pollo team reserves the right to revoke the whitelist if a whitelisted person sells a large number of PDOs.
  3. The Pollo team may refuse to whitelist wallet addresses that are not currently on the whitelist if they sell too many PDOs.
  4. If you have a balance in PDO alone, please fill in the <Google Form>. We will send you BNB as an incentive for your cooperation at irregular intervals(Except for PDO-BUSD LP).

It is quite forceful, but we will do whatever we can to restore the PDO to $1. Please understand.

🐣Resumption of bPDO minting

Currently, bPDOs are only allowed to be minted up to 35% of the PDO quantity. Therefore, bPDOs are not minted and cannot be purchased.

We plan to raise the mint limit for bPDO to the same amount as the number of PDOs. We are in the process of confirming with the developers the earliest possible date for this change.

🐣We have signed a contract with Ninja Promo

Ninja Promo will be working on behalf of the Pollo team, and will also be on Telegram and other platforms, so that feedback can be given more quickly.

🐣Future plans

We are planning to move the router from Pancake to Apeswap.

The Pollo DAO development team (an external company) is up and running. Launch is scheduled for the end of July, open to all PoFi holders, PoFi will act as voting rights, so please have your PoFi ready if you are part of the family that will lead the future of Pollo.

Tomorrow I will share the status of the Pollo Vaults development, and I thank the Pollo family for their patience.