🐣We’re campaigning for a miracle!

Hello, Pollo family.

If you want to know more about whitelisting right away, please read the following article

To help you have the best March possible as you prepare for Pollo Basic Income, we have prepared the following two campaigns.

As our roadmap says, “Three Months of Miracles,” we want you, the Pollo family, to experience a miracle.

For more on Pollo’s plans and thoughts, check out the official website, white paper, and roadmap.

>View Official website
>View Whitepaper
>View Roadmap

🐤1. Pollo Basic Income whitelist (total of 90 copies distributed)

The right to participate in Pollo’s second protocol, Pollo Basic Income (inspired by bDollar), on a priority basis. This set also includes a large number of sPDO distribution, 90 in total.

🐔JoinTelegram, FollowMe, Like, and RT this tweet to join the whitelist.

I’ve divided the details into the following articles, so please have a look
>Pollo Whitelist details

Be sure to fill out the following Google form

The deadline for the campaign is the official opening of Pollo Basic Income. The opening date will be announced as soon as possible.

🐤2. Pollo Retweet Campaign (10 copies distributed in total)

We will distribute a total of 10 sPDOs that are active in Pollo Basic Income (bDollar, similar to MIDAS Dollar).

All you have to do is to quote retweet the following post and write a message of support for Pollo.

We will distribute one sPDO for each posting account that the Pollo Team deems to be great (a total of 10 sPDOs will be distributed)

A great post is one that talks about your passion for Pollo, is full of deep thoughts about Pollo, or writes a tweet that makes you more interested in Pollo.

If you can write a blog post and spread the word, that’s fine too; the Pollo Team will definitely read it.

Please quote retweet or reply to tell us about your post.

memo: The Pollo Team will be more than happy if you include the hashtags $PoFi $PDO $sPDO $cake in your tweets.

Winners will be DM’d on Twitter by @FinancePollo, so make sure you have permission to receive DM’s.

Only @FinancePollo is real. Please be careful of fake accounts!

Twitter accounts that the Pollo Team deems to be abandoned accounts will be excluded from winning and will be redrawn. Please be aware of this. (e.g. extremely low number of followers, no profile picture set, etc.)

Please use this tweet as the quote retweet destination

🐤3. ???

Coming soon.

🐤What is sPDO?

This mass airdrop will never happen again, so be sure to join us. Please ask your dearest friends to join us as well.

Do you have a question about the value of sPDO?

Here’s an explanation for those of you who don’t get it.

sPDO is a valuable token that can be deposited and rewarded after Pollo Basic Income opens. Due to their nature, there are very few of them and they tend to increase in price.

The Pollo Team can’t promise a price, but sPDO has a potential of $3,000 to $10,000 per piece.

For your information, the sBDO issued by bDollar is now priced around $8000, three months after its release.

The price per sPDO is determined by the market, but of course the Pollo Team is aware of bDollar, MIDAS, Monster, Bolt, etc. as indicators to some extent.

Just to be clear, the total supply of sBDOs issued by bDollar is 88412 and the total supply of sPDOs issued by Pollo Basic Income is 80001.