What is Pollo? A roundup of all the disposable income you can earn!

Welcome to Pollo!

This article is a concise summary of what’s going on with Pollo in April. In 3 minutes you’ll have a basic understanding of Pollo and the current promotions.

If you’re new to Pollo, or even if you’re already part of the Pollo family, check it out again.

What is Pollo?

Pollo is a DeFi project that just started on March 16th. The following three protocols will be released sequentially to bring wealth and stability to all participants.

Pollo’s ultimate goal is to “create a society where everyone can live in stability. In order to sustain this effort, we are also aiming to “build a DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) where people can get paid for contributing to society.

Pollo is proud to announce that Dr. Saito, a Japanese economist, is supervising the team. The progress of the project will be documented in an academic paper.

>Dr.Saito’s profile

In addition, we are auditing every phase, to ensure you can participate with confidence. We are currently undergoing an audit by the company Certik.

>Pollo Swap Audit by Ph.D.Saito
>Pollo Swap Audit by TechRate
>Pollo Basic Income Audit by CertiK

What is Pollo Swap?

Pollo Swap is a standard yield farming protocol; if you are familiar with Pancakeswap, you are probably familiar with it.

Pollo Swap also allows you to harvest Pollo’s own token, PoFi, by providing liquidity in BUSD, BNB, etc. See below for the benefits of holding PoFi.

Benefits for PoFi Holders

Benefit 1: Revenue Sharing

If you hold more than 500 PoFi, you will be entitled to profit sharing of Fee generated from all Pollo protocols.

How much revenue it will bring to PoFi holders will be revealed after the launch of Pollo Vaults, described below.

In addition, you will receive a 30% compensation share of Pollo Basic Income’s Community Fund (DAO Fund).

Tips: The Community Fund will receive 10,000 sPDO tokens per year; assuming 1 sPDO = $3000, that’s a market cap of $30M. This means that 30% of that will be shared with PoFi holders.

Benefit 2: DAO Voting Rights

By holding PoFi, you will be able to participate in the DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization), which is the key body

Being a DAO member also means that you have the right to execute the 10,000sPDO community fund (DAO fund). If you want to make a contribution to society and get involved in Pollo politics, you should hold a PoFi.

For more information on why PoFi has both “voting rights” and “revenue sharing” functions, please see the following article.


Tips: Limited to 500,000 PoFiOur governance token PoFi can now be harvested with PolloSwap. But harvesting will end around April 18th when the limit of 500,000 PoFi is reached.Having a set maximum supply provides a number of benefits.First, as harvesting continues, there will be constant selling pressure on the tokens, which will inevitably keep the price down.Additionally, Pollo will rarely need to burn PoFi. Pancakeswap is constantly taking measures to consume $cake, such as a Lottery and Initial Exchange Offerings.On the other hand, the number of PoFi tokens will naturally decrease in the future but it will never increase again. PoFi is becoming more scarce with each passing day!

What is Pollo Basic Income?

Pollo Basic Income is a protocol that was launched in April following Pollo Swap.

Pollo Basic Income is a protocol commonly known as a Seigniorage system, which is based on an algorithmic stablecoin. Ours is Pollo Dollar (PDO). The protocol pays dividends in $PDO when you stake our other token, Pollo-Dollar Shares (sPDO). Pollo Basic Income may be easy to recognize if you are familiar with bDollar and MIDAS, two other Seigniorage protocols.

To participate just harvest sPDO in <Shares Pool> or to obtain sPDO in <Exchange>.

Once you have the sPDO, you can deposit it in the <Boardroom> and receive a distribution of PDO(algo-stablecoin) once every 8 hours. This system is the reason why it is called Basic Income.

You can check our system history page, <Regulations>, to see how many dividends have been paid out in the past.

These are the general principals of Pollo Basic Income. For more detailed information, please refer to <What is Pollo Basic Income?> and <Document>.

Current Promotions

Pollo is running the following promotions to welcome newcomers. You can’t afford to ignore these opportunities during the promotions!

Early Access User Acquisition Promotion!

Anybody who deposits 10 $PoFi or more, into the pool, will share a BNB prize.

Participation Procedure:

We will share a total of 10 BNB with everyone who completes the steps and fills out the Google Form.

Deadline: May 5th, 12:00pm(UTC+0)

Are you new to depositing tokens in a Pollo Pool?

If you want to know more about the process, please see the second half of the article. It is illustrated and explained in detail.

Retweet Incentive Program!

In addition to the Early Access User Acquisition Promotion, we have also prepared a special incentive program.

All you must do is support Pollo’s project on social networking sites.

It can be a compliment or a suggestion for improvement.

We will be eternally grateful to those of you who support Pollo Basic Income in a way that brings new people to our community. We will be most pleased to know that people who read your supportive comments will be interested in Pollo.

We like quote retweets because they are most visible to the most people.

We will be sending out a lot more information soon. We welcome your supportive comments and retweets.

You are also welcome to support Pollo via blogs, YouTube, etc. Team members and Pollo participants will check them out which will definitely boost the spirits of the whole Pollo tribe.

As before, please use this Google form to tell us what media you used to support us.


Future Plans & Roadmap

Pollo’s long-cherished desire is to create a kind world where everyone can live in stability and contribute to society as a result.

For more information, please see <Whitepaper> and <Roadmap>. Now we introduce a particularly important one, Protocol 3 of our fair-launch opening, Pollo Vaults, which is scheduled to launch in May.

Pollo Vaults

Pollo Vaults is a convenient protocol that allows you to deposit your assets or LPs and have them automatically compounded.

The strategy is commonly known as ‘Auto Farm’ and is easy to understand if you are familiar with Beefy, bVaults, Autofarm and swamp.

Participating in Pollo Vaults will make it easier for you to collaborate with other projects and spread the visibility of Pollo.

As the visibility of Pollo Vaults increases, so does the Total Value Locked (TVL) in our protocol. More TVL means more fee revenue coming into Pollo, which in turn means more revenue getting distributed through PoFi.

Currently, Autofarm has over $1700M in TVL, Beefy has over $600M, bVaults has over $60M, Swamp has over $120M and Pollo Vaults aims to match these. Pollo is destined for the stars!

Not only are we opening auto-compounding vaults, but more exciting, we are preparing all kinds of special promotions for the grand opening of Pollo Vaults.

Be sure to join Pollo and collect your PoFi and sPDO before the day Pollo Vaults launches.


Website: https://pollo.finance/

Official website: https://official.pollo.finance/
-White Paper: https://official.pollo.finance/pdf/whitepaper_v1.0.pdf
-RoadMap: https://official.pollo.finance/pdf/roadmap_202103.pdf

GitHub: https://github.com/pollofinance

Twitter: https://twitter.com/FinancePollo

Telegram: https://t.me/pollofi

Telegram ANN: https://t.me/pollo_ann

Medium: https://medium.com/@pollofinancegroup

Bitcointalk: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5322221

CoinGecko($PoFi): https://www.coingecko.com/en/coins/pofi