What is Pollo? A roundup of all the disposable income you can earn!

What is Pollo?

Pollo is a DeFi project that just started on March 16th. The following three protocols will be released sequentially to bring wealth and stability to all participants.

  • Protocol 2 — Pollo Basic Income (Algorithmic Stablecoin) Open April 3rd
  • Protocol 3 — Pollo Vaults (Auto Farming) Open in May

What is Pollo Swap?

Pollo Swap is a standard yield farming protocol; if you are familiar with Pancakeswap, you are probably familiar with it.

Benefits for PoFi Holders

Benefit 1: Revenue Sharing

If you hold more than 500 PoFi, you will be entitled to profit sharing of Fee generated from all Pollo protocols.

  • A portion of the Fee revenue from Pollo Vaults

Benefit 2: DAO Voting Rights

By holding PoFi, you will be able to participate in the DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization), which is the key body

Tips: Limited to 500,000 PoFiOur governance token PoFi can now be harvested with PolloSwap. But harvesting will end around April 18th when the limit of 500,000 PoFi is reached.Having a set maximum supply provides a number of benefits.First, as harvesting continues, there will be constant selling pressure on the tokens, which will inevitably keep the price down.Additionally, Pollo will rarely need to burn PoFi. Pancakeswap is constantly taking measures to consume $cake, such as a Lottery and Initial Exchange Offerings.On the other hand, the number of PoFi tokens will naturally decrease in the future but it will never increase again. PoFi is becoming more scarce with each passing day!

What is Pollo Basic Income?

Current Promotions

Early Access User Acquisition Promotion!

Anybody who deposits 10 $PoFi or more, into the pool, will share a BNB prize.

  1. Access the Shares pool >https://pollo.finance/shares
  2. Deposit your $PoFi in the $PoFi pool
  3. Quote retweet the following tweet >https://twitter.com/FinancePollo/status/1378663990302138374
  4. Fill out the google form at the end >https://forms.gle/tbwgev8zcaAcsCP27

Are you new to depositing tokens in a Pollo Pool?

If you want to know more about the process, please see the second half of the article. It is illustrated and explained in detail.

Retweet Incentive Program!

In addition to the Early Access User Acquisition Promotion, we have also prepared a special incentive program.

Future Plans & Roadmap

Pollo’s long-cherished desire is to create a kind world where everyone can live in stability and contribute to society as a result.

Pollo Vaults

Pollo Vaults is a convenient protocol that allows you to deposit your assets or LPs and have them automatically compounded.


Website: https://pollo.finance/



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