What’s Attractive about Pollo?

You may be wondering what’s different between Pollo and other YieldFarms.

Maximum Supply is 500,000.

Utilization of the Deposit Fees

During the transition period until the management structure is transitioned to a DAO, PoFi that is out in the market will be collected and Burnt at any time.

This is to ensure that the most amount of PoFi can be Burnt by buying it at a time when the rates are lower.

Once the transition to a DAO is complete, the process will be in accordance with what is decided within the DAO.

Utilization of the Referral Program

By referring people you know, the participants increase, and both you and the new participant can receive benefits from Pollo.

Some of you may think about Panda Yield which was found to have a security hole in the referrals, but this has a completely different structure.

Please see the pinned post on the Telegram for more details.

Continuous and Sustainable Protocols

Protocols will be executed in the order of Pollo Swap, Pollo Basic Income and Pollo Vault, and even after these protocols have been implemented, many new services will emerge through the DAO as well.

To paint a picture, there will be no end like there is no end to the water that falls onto the mountains as rain which ends up in the river that flows down the mountain and into the ocean to form the rain clouds again.

Scholarly Value

There is a cryptocurrency expert / scholar on the team, and they are observing this transition as part of their study.

As there are not many academic papers written on the transition to DAO, we expect that there will be a lot of interest in this area.

Any Questions?

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