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June: Launch of Pollo revenue sharing
July: Jackpot
August: Launch of Pollo DAO

Sorry for the delay. We’ ll proceed with the above.

Pollo Basic Income has had a difficult period with the PDO price falling below $1.00 and not being able to recover $1.00 for a long time.


Pollo Vaults will start around 12:00pm (UTC) on June 9.

Listed Pairs

10x PDO-BUSD LP by Pollo BI
10x sPDO-BUSD LP by Pollo BI
05x PoFi-BUSD LP by Pollo BI
05x PoFi-BNB LP by Pollo BI
05x PoFi pool by Pollo BI
03x Dollaremon cCBD-BUSD LP
03x Dollaremon sCBD-BUSD LP
01x CAKE-BNB LP by Pancake
01x BUSD-BNB LP by Pancake

Pollo Basic Income has been unable to resist the trend that algorithmic staple coins in general are facing, which is to breakdown $1.

However, this does not mean the end. …

Thank you for your patience.

Here are the winners who made Pollo so much fun. Thank you to all those who unfortunately did not win.

🐣1st prize (10BNB)

🐣2nd prize (3BNB)

🐣3rd prize (1BNB)

We will send your BNB to the wallet address you entered in the Google form. Please wait.

About the distribution of 10BNB

We will send 0.050251256 BNB to each of the 199 applicants, for a total of 10 BNB. Please wait for the BNB to be sent to the wallet address you have entered in the Google Form.

The development of vaults is going well at the moment. We are working on the backyard side. For example, we are adjusting the strategy values.

The following is the completed image.

Adjustment of the magnification

On short notice, we will be changing the Shares multiplier as follows.

Currently, our goal is to get the…

Click here for the original report of this article:

1. Basic Structure of PDO Economy

Real demand for PDO creates demand for PDO in the exchange market. In order to recover the PDO value, inviting new projects using PDO is needed.

The Pollo ecosystem is as described in Figure 1. PoFi is the ticket to…

🐣The Price of PDO

Despite two open market interventions, the TWAP of PDO did not exceed $1. We understand the disappointment drifting from the Pollo family about the lack of boardroom resumption.

Once again, we must get the PDO back up to $1 and reopen the boardroom. …

Please read the original report:

In this article, we will tell you about it from a different angle.

🐣First, about PoFi

PoFi is responsible for the following

  • Voting rights in the Pollo DAO
  • The right to receive 30% of the DAO funds
  • The right to receive Pollo revenue sharing
  • The right to…

Dear Community Members:

By our operation, PDO once recovered $1.00 yesterday, but it returned back to $0.96 after a while. We plan to intervene into the PDO market on the second round to recover its value. The operation is implemented at a certain point after 10:00 am (UTC+0).

Thank you very much for your understanding,

Dear Community Members:

Recent PDO value keeps around $0.65. We plan to intervene into the PDO market to recover and sustain one-dollar value for PDO. The operation is implemented at a certain point after 4:00 pm (UTC+0).

Thank you very much for your understanding,

2:30 pm, April 29, 2021 (UTC+0) Pollo Finance Board Members


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